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Blockchain Loyalty Program

WanderGuide Travelers can earn and redeem loyalty points in a blockchain-based program, this is how it works:

Earning loyalty points: Customers can earn loyalty points by participating in travel activities, contributing tips, insights and audio guide content. We use blockchain technology to track progress and ensure that travelers receive accurate credit for their earned points. This is invite-only at this time, and active contributors will be notified about their eligibility to join the loyalty program.

Storing loyalty points: Instead of keeping loyalty points in an app, travelers can store all their reward points in a compatible digital wallet e.g. Trust, Coinbase, or Metamask. This allows customers to have instant redemption and exchange options. No wallet, no problem. We store your reward information and manage your account for you in a custodian wallet, just for you.

Redeeming loyalty points: Customers can redeem their earned loyalty points for rewards, such as WanderGuide services, or experiences, within the blockchain-based loyalty program.

By leveraging blockchain technology, customers can enjoy a more seamless and efficient loyalty program experience, with instant redemption options, secure transactions, and a unified platform for managing loyalty points for easy redemptions anywhere around the world.

** Please note the blockchain loyalty program does not require nor encourage the purchase or promotion of any cryptocurrency. Contributors’ commissions are paid out in fiat dollars or stable coins.