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Travel Guides

Get the tour just the way you want it based on your interests and itinerary

Free ebooks

Get access to unlimited ebooks to enjoy while on the road

Offline Access

No wifi, no problem. Save your audio guides for access anywhere

Unlimited Attachments

Never dig through your emails again — access all your trip itineraries and PDFs in one place

Real-time Directions

Get the best route for where you’re going, know what's around you and more an immersive audio guiding system designed to suit your pace, needs and interests, wherever life takes you.

Every traveler has unique preferences and needs, which is why we design bespoke audio guides for your own itinerary. Wherever you are, interactive maps guide you to your destinations, then you just listen to your audio guides. Or search what’s near you in real time. No more endless ebooks to go through or carrying bulky travel books.

On the road, you can ask TravelGPT about your destination, or live chat to your WanderGuide (human) agent for help on anything you need, it’s that simple.

Listen to our content in different languages, we are here to help and encourage inclusive travel.

Have tips of your own?

Write a guide to share with other travelers in our community!
We'll turn the best ones into audio guides that earn you commission and rewards.

Premium Services

Enjoy premium membership features like bespoke guides in over 100+ languages, offline access, unlimited attachments, and much more
Bespoke Travel Agent

Your travel concierge to assist with anything

Emergency Services

Alerts and advise on emergency services anywhere you go 24/7

Sustainable Bookings + Tours

Get recommendations suitable for your itinerary and budget

Pet-friendly Access

Get recommendations for flights, hotels, events and pet communities

Unlimited Search

We can help to shortlist places of interest when your plans change

Personalized Travel Souvenirs

Send us your photos to create souvenirs e.g. t-shirts, artwork, cups